Ngậm ngùi

Ngậm ngùi

Ngậm ngùi tim vỡ sầu trăm mối
Khắc khoải bên song cửa đợi chờ
Phù du đoạn kết tình nhạt nhẻo
Giao khúc tơ vương nỗi ơ thờ

Từ biệt giây oan đời khổ lụy
Hẹn hò một thuở mối tơ vương
Đàn con nheo nhóc bao trần oán
Bỏ lại sau lưng không tiếc thương

Lững lờ chênh chếch bao giọt đắng
Nẻo đời mệt mỏi phận đục trong
Xa xăm vạn dặm mờ hun hút
Phu phụ như thế đã là xong

Mảnh tình đơn chiếc đời sương gió
Giọt sầu thương nhớ thuở hàn vi
Khơi lên bão tố hoài da diết
Biệt ly nhung nhớ nửa làm chi …



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Học Trung học Nguyễn bá Tòng, Đại học Luật Khoa Saigon
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4 Responses to Ngậm ngùi

  1. HuyHoaTrami nói:

    Good morning my dear friend!…

    :heart: …

  2. nghiem25nh nói:


  3. 108baoloc nói:

    THE MESSAGE OF PEACE TO THE LEADERS IN THE WHOLE WORLDThe message is to call peace for the whole world and it's written by Baoloc Maurice , an unknown academic of English in longxuyen city south vietnam that's the talk of mercy for all the people living on this planet because of humankind's happiness May I solemnly send this message to the leaders in the whole world to stop the danger of a nuclear war which can happen to us on the planet Gentlemen,we are living in an embarrassing world because the conflicts have Always taken place everywhere among the nations and if we don't agree to Abandon ambition and selfishness to reconcile with each other and so, we will Be in danger with a nuclear war which can occur anytime I would like to Remind you about two nuclear bombs which were dropped in japan in 1945 And made over two million people die terribly and this fact convulsed the whole globe.we should have moments and a little time thinking about this event which can repeat once more on this planet and I feel a maximum fear, everybody feels tremble of fear , with bombs in modern age, the devastation's more horrifying . it can destroy all the modern Civilization and bring humankind to extinction within some seconds .hence,we should abandon revenge to heal pains and mend good relations that the nations ever had with each other before and now, let's forget revenge of a past time if ''yes'' and begin again with the most beautiful feelings to comfort humankind's sorrows and to stop danger of wars which can menace us and slay the whole globe and we can't fancy how ghastly it is ''!!!???Gentlemen , you are the leaders with extreme power to stop inhuman war I really think children need to have warm love from their parents therefore,We should not let war happen and, this is very horrible if they don't get parents beside themselves, so, I implore you should have a little mercy to let everybody get to live peacefully and happily on earth, and don't continue to assert bloody war, because brutal wars have happened on This planet nonstop and maximally painfully to have murdered how many People from the old elementary age till now Lords , for that reason, let's forget revenge , love and unite to live together Peacefully or all of us must die wastefully and uselessly and all the modern civilization , don't let it be extinguished because we had to take so much Merit to build up with a lot of hard works to attain the most wonderful performances so that we get as to day and with these brilliant performances we had , that's by great scientists with huge brains to create the civilization of this globe.we must absolutely respect and thank lords we are living in the gold age of the Computing technology and to have attained the top of glory than ever, so,I think we are not imbecile to die meaninglessly, right ??? lords? Gentlemen , this is the sincere talk from my profound heart to contribute for the whole international community and may I confer my personal opinion to international top conferences to mention this because of peace of world's very necessary and so great for mankind to be existed on earth , and I hope truthful love will come to everybody so that war will not continue to take place so that everybody, you and all of us get to live and not to die tragically we must live and enjoy this life right? Sir?With this commentary , I have a lot of defects, please, forget my faults Frankly thank you very very much for your nobleness and kindness to forgive me. Once more , I appreciate for your care to join my writing.Lords , my name's baoloc maurice , an academic of English in longxuyen city south vietnam , long xuyen's my home city, It's very poetic and so lovely . lords , I love everybody in the whole world, so, I would like to have frank offer to you likewise . I long you to forgive me, thanks a lot,I am a common and unknown person and no value in society. therefore,may i represent for the whole humankind in the world to contribute our opinion to the leaders of having the extreme prestige,power and influence for the whole world in order to decrease the tense worry about danger of horrible nuclear war which can be menacing our planet and we can not predict ,nor foresee, gentlemen and ladies !MAY I INTRODUCE MYSELF I AM A POET OF LOVE . I HAVE BEEN WRITING MY POEMS ONLINE. IN MY BLOG OF POEMS, MENTIONED THE PROBLEMS OF SOCIETY, ABOUT THE DISASTERS OF THE NATURE AS STORMS …ETC…..OR THE THE DIFFICULTIES, THE MISERY OF THE PEOPLE ,THE VICTIMS BY WAR AND THE IN THE SEA OF SORROW FOR HUMAN LIFE. I REALLY FOUND MYSELF THAT LIVING IN THIS LIFE IS TO INCUR THE INMOST UNHAPPINESS THAT HUMANKIND MUST BE AFFORDED WITH ENDLESS AND NONSTOP SORROWS. LORDS, I REALLY FEEL COMPASSION FOR MYSELF AND FOR PEOPLE BORN IN LIFE WHO ARE EXTREMELY SORROWFUL,UNHAPPY AND TRAGICAL, FOR THAT REASON, I HAVE MERCY AND HUMANITY TAUGHT BY BUDDHA'S TEACHING. I AM A BUDDHIST AND BEING A DISCIPLE OF SAKYA MUNI BUDDHA AND I WORSHIP BUDDHISM . TODAY, I FRANKLY PRAY ALL THE BUDDHAS, SAINTS ,FAIRIES IN TEN DIRECTIONS TO BLESS A LOT OF FAVORS TO ALL THE PEOPLE TO GET PEACE AND ETERNAL HAPPINESS IN LIVING . AND THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY WAR WHICH CAN HAPPEN IN THE WORLD IN THE FUTUREI DO HOPE ALL THE PEACE ,HAPPINESS AND THE BEST LUCKS TO EVERYBODY IN A NEW YEAR.I ALSO HOPE MY POEMS TO BE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH AND FRENCH FOR EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ AND UNDERSTAND MY MERCY AND COMPASSION FOR UNHAPPY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE ON THIS PLANETLOVINGLY AND AFFECTIONATELY YOURS

  4. liennguyen15 nói:

    Cám ơn nguyenhuunghiem, TraMi, BaoLoc. Chúc các bạn một ngày mới vui vẽ . Thân

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